Donate to House Wichitans


It's done. IVY Home Foundation is officially exempt for specific tax purposes in the eyes of the IRS. 

501 (c) 3 Status Granted

This was a mountain to climb. The IRS is backlogged with a 9-12mth wait to review non-profit applicants.

IVY Home can now receive food directly from the Kansas Food Bank. We can receive monetary donations and provide tax donation receipts. I'm so happy!

Accepting monetary donations is a work in progress for me. This is my first pass at doing so. Let's give it a try. 

To make a donation of 

$20 ... go HERE

$50 ... go HERE

$75 ... go HERE

To make a donation of a different amount, please call/text/email Ivery l 316-200-3236 l to make the arrangement.

And know that your donation houses humans in beautiful places. 

On behalf of that person - Thank you. 

From me, Thank you.

Thank you for seeing. Thank you for doing.

The next mountain - we have submitted our application to NARR (National Association of Recovery Residencies) to become an accredited home. Kansas isn't even a state affiliated with NARR. IVY chose to hold to these high standards. 

Moving forward we're going to work on builing a NARR affiliate in Kansas. It's going to be difficult. It will be worth it.